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How to get the most from reading with your child

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MultiLit is a leader in effective literacy instruction in Australasia. Our approach to improving the literacy skills of students is to combine research and theory with program development and service delivery. The approach we take is non-categorical, which means that we do not focus on the underlying causes or reasons why a child may have failed to make progress in reading. These labels have not been found to be useful in determining how a child can best be helped to learn.

The methods used by MultiLit Pty Ltd are based on over 30 years of research undertaken by members of the MultiLit Research Unit.

MultiLit takes an educational approach that has, as its core belief, the conviction that effective instruction is the key to growth in any area of the curriculum. We seek to bring about rapid learning for all students by whatever means scientific research has shown to be most effective. Consequently, it is a continually evolving approach to literacy instruction, changing as more scientific evidence becomes available from either within the MultiLit research team per se or, more generally, from the international scientific reading research community.


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