We offer books published by MultiLit, as well as a carefully curated list of books from children’s publishers, for parents to use at home, and for allied health professionals and educators.

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MultiLit Pty Ltd

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Picture books
Picture books can be used to introduce children to the joy of reading from a very early age. Picture books cover a diverse range of topics, expose children to words and language they might not hear normally in conversation, and teach children how reading works (left to right, top to bottom). In this narrative style, the illustrations work with the text so children can ‘read’ the story for themselves before they understand the individual words and decode the text. They can also be useful vehicles for introducing sensitive subjects or talking about values.

Decodable readers
Designed for children in their first few years of school, these delightful and engaging decodable readers help your child build confidence in decoding skills and reading fluency. Each title includes instructions and pre- and post-reading activities to help parents and caregivers use the books effectively. Titles are numbered based on the difficulty level of each book. They are designed to be read sequentially, allowing children to gain confidence and skills level by level.

Academic books
Members of the MultiLit Research Unit (MRU), together with their academic colleagues, publish books that are useful to educators, educational psychologists and other allied health professionals wanting to dive deeper into evidence-based approaches to literacy and behaviour management. Learn more about the MRU.

Other resources
These resources can help parents support their children’s literacy development at home.

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